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Referenced by chef Dina Nikolaou

From: dinanikolaou.gr

Pagonis estate… The magic of the roses

Images that will never fade look like the ones I got a few days ago during KOUZINA 2017. I bring them before me again and again and I think that I relive the moments, I smell the aromas, I taste the flavors, I face the green-blue of nature and I constantly gain life experiences!

One of them – the very good ones – can be obtained at the “Pagonis Estate” in Paleochori, Halkidiki. The description – as rich in words as it sounds – so poorly conveys reality: endless rosy slopes, to which one goes the magical mornings, in order to collect the petals of the wheels with the Pagoni family… The magic of the mountain creates indelible and vivid representations . These are the moments of life that one praises God for the gifts he offers to man / are the hours that can not be compared with the ordinary or with the everyday.

The petals of the roses go straight for processing to the workshop, where I also met to watch the process. Dad Pavlos – fighter and pillar of the family – puts them in the presses and Katerina – the hyperactive daughter – explains to me how to produce them.
All the organic products of the estate are there, available to the consumer public: rose water , rose oils, essential oils, flower waters, creams, etc., which can be obtained by contacting Katerina.